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Recommend NetHunt CRM to your customers and get up to 40% of commission from each payment.

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NetHunt is a reliable CRM solution for large and small businesses.

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How it works

Our Affiliate Program is as simple and clear as possible.


Get a referral link

Sign up for the NetHunt CRM Partner Program and get your unique referral link.



Send your link to others

Recommend NetHunt CRM to friends, leads, customers and anyone who needs a CRM system.



Get rewards for paid users!

Earn commissions when users who follow your link choose one of the NetHunt tariff plans!


Three levels of commission



Your journey begins with a 20% commission on each new paid NetHunt CRM client that comes to your link.



When the number of paid customers you bring reaches 10, you will be moved to a new level and a higher commission.



In the same way, when the number of paying clients you have recommended reaches 25, you will be moved to the highest level and 40% commission.

The most common questions

What help and support will I receive from the NetHunt team?

We offer the following benefits for our new Partners:
  • Free usage of NetHunt CRM for 3 months and beyond - in case of successful partnership work;
  • Online training on the most effective usage of NetHunt CRM;
  • Access to Knowledge Base and playbooks;
  • Access to our Customer Support Team;
  • Marketing materials for the product and the company;
  • Closed Telegram chat for NetHunt CRM partners to share experiences.

What does the sales process look like? How does it work?

Once you join us as a Partner, you will receive a unique referral link.Refer potential customers to the NetHunt CRM website with your unique link. We will store the cookie for 60 days, and if a potential customer creates a NetHunt CRM account and subscribes to one of the paid plans within 60 days, it will be considered as your customer and you will receive a commission for it.

The NetHunt CRM team will take care of closing the deal, supporting customers and ensuring that the user you invite stays with us as long as possible.

You will have access to up-to-date statistics on your link conversions, successful registrations, paid customers, commissions and payments through our Affiliate Program.

What are the limitations?

By joining the NetHunt CRM Partner Program, you become a non-exclusive Referral Partner for NetHunt products and services, and you agree to:
  • Do not place contextual advertising where keywords or text contain the NetHunt CRM brand keyword, its transliteration and derivatives.
  • Do not recommend a direct competitor to NetHunt CRM to potential customers who have registered with NetHunt CRM at your unique link.
  • Do not post referral links or promote NetHunt products and services in any way on adult content resources; content that opposes a person, group of persons or organizations; drug-related content and malware content; false content; violent content; content that promotes dishonest or illegal behavior.

NetHunt reserves the right to block the Partner account if any or all of the above conditions are violated.

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